Huff Post Live: Gillian Anderson on rumours about the nature of her relationship with David Duchovny.


Isn’t this the same look Mulder gives Scully about the pizza man? ;)


David holds hand out for gum

Gillian pops gum into mouth

Gum falls out of mouth, lands on table “Oh Shit” says Gillian

Gilian pinky points to gum “Eat that David” her pinky says

David ponders, picks up gum

Puts gum in mouth

The art of gum sharing. 

Are we ever gonna get the Mulder/Scully sex scene that everyone’s been waiting for?

I think it’s sad that i’m trying to gif every mulder/scully kiss and I don’t have enough gifs because they only kissed 5x in all 10 yrs of the x files (not counting deleted scenes) :( and most of them are either in the dark or at stupid camera angles <which CC kinda sucks for btw