#emily thought of paige#emily thought of the girl who sat on her porch#and bared her batter and scarred soul to her#about her fights and wars with the devil who’s name was alison dilaurentis and the demon inside her#emily thought of the girl who saw alison’s true form without rose colored glasses#emily thought of the girl who made mistakes trying to protect her from the girl she’s now starting to see#emily thought of the girl who’s love she used to help her protect alison#who would sooner throw them all under the bus to protect herself#emily thought of the girl she said hurtful words to because she saw the truth before emily did#emily thought of the girl she kept hurting and hurting and hurting because of this liar in front of her#in that moment when the rose tinted glasses fell away#emily fields thought of paige mccullers#and her stomach dropped and her heart broke into pieces once more and everything became pain but clear in a single moment

Why did you tell miss Adinolfi that you fainted because of a panic attack?